Question-Level Analysis in Quizmaker & Storyline?

Sep 26, 2012

We're new to Studio '09 and also recently started using Storyline. The LMS our company is switching to is PeopleSoft-based, so we'll have all of our courses loaded by the end of the year. But, there are times when we can get audited for our assessments and need to produce question-level analysis (by individual and collective answers per question within a course or in a standalone quiz).

Can you only get reporting or question-level analysis by using Articulate Online? Or can either software (Quizmaker or Storyline) produce the analysis?

Thanks in advanced!

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Kat!

It doesn't necessarily need to be Articulate Online, but you do need an LMS to track results from Quizmaker and Storyline. You'll have to check with your new LMS to see how they translate the information that Quizmaker and Storyline send to it. Any LMS that is compliant with SCORM, AICC, or Tin Can API will provide accurate tracking capabilities. For the best results and most accurate reporting, we recommend using Articulate Online.

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial of Articulate Online here.

And here are some other open-source LMS options that may meet your tracking needs:

*  Dokeos:

*  eFront:

*  Moodle:

Click here if you'd like to learn more about publishing for Tin Can API. 

Hope that's helpful!

Kat Spaulding

We are actually on Storyline 2 now, however, we never got our company to get the tracking capability added (or programmed) to PeopleSoft/ELM to communicate with our courses for question-level analysis. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. If you find anyone who has successfully done this with PeopleSoft/ELM and Storyline 2, please let me know as well. Thanks!

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