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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dorina,

You'll want to check in with your LMS team about the options for displaying the score, and you could also look at testing this in SCORM Cloud which is the industry standard for testing SCORM content. 

Also, here is a bit more information about the quiz settings you can send from Studio '09.

Dorina Grossu

Ashley, I went back to produce another Quiz and Scorm 1.2 and then uploaded on SCORM CLOUD to check whether the settings were working.


From quiz I selected 70% pass and from SCORM 1.2 I selected passed/incomplete. Once I uploaded on SCORM CLOUD, I checked on the wrong answer. The registered answer on SCORM CLOUD is CORRECT although I gave the wrong answer. Something did not work. Here is the  view:




I am not sure how to solve this puzzle:-)..thank you

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dorina,

If you replied to the email notification about the forums post those attachments are not included in the forum itself. If you email it to Support@articulate.com that would have generated a support case for you - and I don't see one, but if you have one could you share the case number with me here?

In regards to your course, the publish setting that was set up in Presenter was to track completion based on slides viewed not based on the results slide. So even if you answered incorrectly you'd be given the message that you passed and completed the course. I adjusted that within the copy you shared and republished to SCORM Cloud here.