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Oct 07, 2011

Need to branch like this:

Scenario quiz question 1
     - correct answer -> Justify Question 1
                                        - correct justifcation - > continue on to Scenario quiz question 2

     - incorrect answer -> Justify Question 1
                                        -incorrect or correct justification (trying to make them think) -> try again with Quiz question 1

My problem is on the incorrect path -- the quiz has already been answered and there's no "retake" button. I have 3 attempts set for each question and on player template I have submit one question at a time set.

How do I get the retake button to show up?

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David Anderson

Hi Lisa and welcome to E-learning Heroes!

Okay, I see what you're trying to do, and you're right about how Quizmaker manages the scoring and doesn't provide a retake option once the learner submits an answer.

But, maybe this will work. If you open with a survey question (ungraded) and then take the learner to the graded question (same question) you could create the illusion of a "first question" before the learner makes a graded choice.

Here's a very quick example.

Lisa Pastoor

Ok! If i wanted to give them 3 attempts I'd have to make 2 duplicate graded quiz questions?

What would that do for their pass/fail status? If they don't ever get to those because they got the answers correct, does that count against them passing.

I guess I'll have to play with it some more.

Having a branching view would be really nice right about now. sigh. my brain hurts.

David Anderson

You can assign any number of attempts without duplicating questions if you use the Attempts option for the question. But if you want to ask a graded question, then branch them to another version of the question, you're going to start creating a lot of redundant question slides.

So, here's an idea. I get why you want to delay the feedback and direct learners to reflect on their first answer choice. Do you have to score the results? Could you use just a pass or fail option? If you can, then you can assign the first question 0 points and only award points on the second version of the question.

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