Quiz control dialog gives incorrect slide number when it pops up

Sep 28, 2011

Hi there,

In the image below you will see the Quiz control dialog that pops up if a user tries to advance past a quiz without attempting it. Unfortunatly it igives a specific slide number which is based on the slide in the PowerPoint deck not the navigation pane. In this case the quiz maker file is at slide 24 but the pane shows it at #10. There are more slides because I have several hidden ones. I removed the slide numbers on the deck becaus they did not align with the number in the navigation panel, so........is there a way to edit the Quiz control popup so it either aligns with the number in the navigation panel or provides no slide number at all?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Karen - yep, you can edit that message by customizing the text labels in your Presenter player template.

On the Articulate menu in PowerPoint, go to Player Templates > Text Labels. It looks like the one you need to adjust would be item 29.

Unfortunately, the variable used in the message (%slidenumber%) will always point to the actual PowerPoint slide number on which the quiz lives (in your case slide 24). There really isn't a way to change it so that it inserts the the "revised" slide number (in your case slide 10) instead. If this is the only quiz in your course, you could certainly hard-code the message to say "slide 10," but of course if you did that, you'd have to be careful to change it again if you ever added or removed slides in the future. Maybe a more conservative thing to do would be to refer to the quiz by name: "You must complete the Checkback Question called 'Types of Immunity' before you can advance."

If you have multiple quizzes in your course that require the user to attempt them before proceeding, you wouldn't want to get too specific in the text label. You could perhaps genericize the text a bit. You could maybe say something like "You need to complete on or more Checkback Questions before you can advance."

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