Quiz Format and Importing

Nov 01, 2022

I did a search on Quiz Importing and Formats and only see questions from years ago.

I have a client with a large number of quiz questions. The questions are repeated based on the participant's language. All translations are done so I just need to connect the each language link to the content followed by the quiz.

I am using an excel spreadsheet for quizzes I found on a search. https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/updated-storyline-360-quiz-template-for-excel While this spreadsheet works, all of the questions need to be formatted to fit on the slide. The Title is a 64 font and does not wrap and the questions are much smaller. I also don't like the spacing from the radio button to the question.

When I import the spreadsheet into Quiz Maker, the format is great, but it defaults to the Classic layout and Feedback Master. That means I would have to change every quiz slide to Modern AND every Correct/Incorrect layer. WAAAAY too much work. Quiz Maker does not allow me to change the layer only the slide and I have to do it slide by slide.

When I open Quiz Maker, it tells me there is one slide that is Classic but where is that slide? 

Why is there not a feature in Quiz Maker to Apply Layout as there is in the Storyline ribbon? I should be able to select the player for Quiz Maker as well not have it default to Classic.Quiz Maker Ribbon

Storyline Ribbon

Is there a way to control the format of quiz questions that would work for the entire project? I don't want to have to work with 50 questions seven times!

Any help would be appreciated! The spreadsheet I am working with is attached but only contains three questions for testing.

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for reaching out! 

If you want your questions to use both the Modern player as well as your preferred Feedback Layout, you can import your questions directly into Storyline 360 instead. 

I can confirm that importing your set of questions in excel to a Storyline 360 project file will: 

  • Allow the questions to use the Modern player by default
  • Use the active feedback layout that you are using, which will be automatically applied to all correct and incorrect layers

You just have to make sure that you have your Feedback layout already designed and formatted before you import your questions, so that the layout is properly applied to the imported question slides. 

Let me know if you have any questions! 

Jeffrey Riley


Thanks for the reply. I have imported my questions directly into Storyline 360 but it causes the following: The question is at 64 point and does not wrap. The answers are ok, but I have to move them down to accommodate the question. It does use the Modern player but the formatting is a bigger issue. 

This means a lot of manual work adjusting every question. I have a total of 335 questions to deal with so I don't want to touch that many slides.

Is there a way to set the point size of the question and have it wrap automatically. When I click the text box control the wrap is unchecked. I thought Articulate corrected this years ago. Also, is there a way to set the distance from the radio button to the question like PowerPoint does and then keep that formatting?

I agree that if I format the feedback layers before importing that part works. 

I also think Question Maker should offer the same benefits of the layout and not default to classic. Question Maker formatted the slide correctly, but I would still have to manually change every slide and layer. I can change the layout of all the slides, but layers have to be done individually, unless there is a trick I don't know.

Sommer Abdel-Fattah

Good afternoon, 

I am having the same issue. I want all my slides to have the same custom format using the Quizmaker (for example "Opportunity style in Quizmaker" with my logo and customized feedback pages), but I have a large database of questions in excel to import and when I import they have just the plan style. If I import into Articulate I still have to re-design each slide one by one which is tedious if working with many questions and many quizzes. Did you find a workable solution for Jeffery that you could share? 

Thank you. 

Jose Tansengco

Hi Sommer, 

Can you clarify if you are importing your questions into Quizmaker 360 or Storyline 360?

Additionally, would you be willing to share a copy of your excel file here or in private by opening a support case so we can see how layouts will be applied to your questions when they are imported? We'll delete it when we're done testing!

Just a note that in Storyline 360, you can manually apply any layout after importing slides by highlighting the slides that you want to change the layout of, right-clicking on any slide and selecting Apply Layout

Looking forward to your response!

Jeffrey Riley

I thought I had replied to this question 2 months ago. but see I did not. My solution ended up being what Joe suggested. Because I was importing the slides from PowerPoint, I had not setup a quiz question since PowerPoint does not have quiz questions. Just importing the excel spreadsheet did not give me the look I wanted.

I started a new Storyline project and made sure to start a scene with one quiz question. I then did as Joe suggested to go into the Slide Master and change the format of the quiz to make a larger heading and smaller font for the questions. 

Then when I imported the questions from the spreadsheet, they took on the formatting I had in the slide master. All I needed to change was the slide master not each slide. The quiz questions were all multiple choice or true false so that made everything easier. Because the client did not want a quiz score at the end, I did have to make sure that each question was at least 1 point. Then I modified the Results slide to show if they passed or not.