quiz maker bug

We have just rolled out live more courses to learners and there seems to be a problem with the Print Results.

We have a 10 question assessment and the 4th question is a fill in the blank. Upon a wrong answer and continuing on, and you get your score and hit print results it no longer captures the Students Answer and is left blank.  


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Peter Anderson

Hey Gary,

Would you like to submit your .QUIZ file for us to have a closer look? You can do that here:


Please include the url for this thread, as well as any other information that will be helpful to our support engineers, like your version of Quizmaker. Thanks, and someone will contact you shortly!

Peter Anderson

Thanks for sharing, Gary. There are similar issues having to do with the last question in the slide being a fill-in-the-blank, but not as the fourth question in a series of 10. Since randomizing, have you tested when your fill-in-the-blank appears as the last slide?

I've also brought this to the attention of our engineers and will follow-up with any information I learn. Thanks again!