Quiz Maker rounding scores

If I have 13 questions on a quiz, one would think a learner can get 2 wrong and earn 85% (our standard passing score). But QM reads the score as 84.61. Questions cannot be assigned decimal point earnings and QM will not round the number. That doesn't make any sense to me. What am I missing? How do others get around this?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sharon,

I'm not aware of a way to round those numbers in Quizmaker.

It seems that your questions are 10 points a piece. So, 13 questions would be 130 points total and 2 incorrect = 110. 110/130 = 84.62 

One idea would be to adjust your number of questions to multiples of 10 and get a whole number.

I look forward to seeing other ideas from members of the community.

Sharon Greenspan

I've been told Articulate will consider this in an upgrade. I changed my passing grade to 84% and changed the Result slide to say passing is 85% (manually entered the number).

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