Quiz properties lost after conversion to Studio13

Hi guys,

We have over 60 eLearning courses developed in Studio 09 that we are converting to 13.

I have a problem with the quiz properties: I have the following settings set for the quiz in 09 which work perfectly.

·         Allow user to leave quiz: at any time

·         User may view slides after: passing the quiz

After I converted the quiz to Studio 13 and published to LMS these settings do not work. The user is able to branch to the last slide without attempting or passing the quiz.

As a test, I created a brand new quiz for this course to check if it happens with it. The answer is NO. I really do not want to have to rewrite each and every one of the quizzes and questions using a new quiz template.

Is this a known issue? Or could you please suggest a work around?

Many thanks



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jill! 

I would advise that you change the quiz properties for 'Allow user to leave quiz' to 'After user has completed quiz in order for this to function as you mention above.

Please note that sharing your file here in the forums is public, so you can edit/delete that file if needed. Just wanted to mention that :)