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Jun 11, 2014


In the default Results page of the Quizmaker 09 is a field called <Quiz Title> that pulls the name of the quiz from the Quiz Title listed in the Quiz Properties.  (Not the html page that you can print out, I mean the default quiz page that you get to at the end of the quiz that says whether you have passed or failed)

However in Studio 13 it seems like we have lost the funcationality that pulls the quiz title in, and there is just a text box displaying "Results".

I've tried changing the text to <quiz title> but it doesn't work.  Is there a neat trick I can do to make sure that the results page pulls the title of the course from the Quiz title. 

I've just updated to Update 2 to see if that was fixed in the newer version, but it is not.

Can anyone help?

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Nicola Redfearn


Thanks for posting, but that's not the page I meant.  I didn't meant the report.html file.

I mean the Results Page within quizmaker.  Which you get to when you edit the Pass and Fail page.

This is the image from Studio 09.  The default page shows the text and this pulls in the quiz name when you publish the course.

In Studio 13, it just says "Results".  It doesn't pull in the quiz name.  Its a shame we've lost some useful funcationality.

Is there a way in Studio 13 to change the template so that the results page of the quz shows the Course Name and not just the word "Results"?  I've tried just overtyping the word "Results" with but it didn't work.

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