QuizMaker '13 Hosted on CourseMill: FAIL + FAIL = PASS

Sep 08, 2016

I produced a module with quiz for a client hosted on CourseMill 7 LMS. The client noted some odd behavior with how the quiz was working and asked me to take a look. I was able to  get a 100% passing score in the LMS by purposefully failing the quiz, retrying the quiz, and failing a second time. So I built a short quiz to use as a test bed to try a few different settings (like setting the SCORM reporting to incomplete/completed instead of failed/passed, etc.).

To make a long story short, I found no solution, but I did determine that the behavior occurs only when retrying the quiz during the same session OR when returning later and resuming the quiz. I took the test module to the SCORM cloud, and it worked as it should. So in my mind I suspected the LMS, right?

Well, the host of the LMS tried to duplicate my issue and build a test quiz in QuizMaker. And it worked fine in the LMS. The difference? They used the '09 version. So I produced a functionally identical '09 test quiz based on my '13 test quiz that doesn't work. And the '09 version works.

So what's the difference in publishing to SCORM 1.2 from '09 to '13?

Is there anyone in the community who works with CourseMill as a host LMS that could lend a hand? I'm happy to share mt '13 test package ...


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dave, 

I don't know CourseMill and can't imagine what the difference would be in the 09 and 13 versions to cause such a descrepancy - but something that may help you track down the missing elements in '13 would be to enable the LMS debug mode as described here. Perhaps with '13 the LMS needs a different SCORM Setting as well? Did they test any of those options in addition to just using '09? 

Dave Neuweiler

Thanks Ashley -- I ran the debug mode on CourseMill, and had 80 SCORM Errors (401 errors). I'm exploring the 401 error now. After I learn more, I may open a ticket with support, but for now I'm exploring with the assistance of a fellow over at Trivantis. Quite frankly, we're trying to figure out whether the fault is with CourseMill, Articulate, or a combination of both.

I also found an article on SCORM 401 errors that indicated that the system files on the publishing computer could be at fault, so I'm working to confirm or deny that line of thought as well.

It seems we continue to live in interesting times, don't you think?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dave,

You and I may have different definitions of interesting... ;) 

Either way, our team would be happy to help take a look at the debug log and they'd also do some testing in SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for LMS Testing. If something doesn't work there as expected, then it'll be a good indicator that something is up in the file and we can dig a bit deeper and if it does work there, then that'll also be good info to send to your LMS team.

You can connect with our Support engineers here and if you take that route, let me know and I'll follow along in your case.

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