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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Nina! So sorry your learners are having trouble--I know that can be frustrating for you as the course author.

Can you tell me more about how the quizzes don't work? What do the learners see when they try and access a quiz question slide? Is this a problem that you have been able to recreate in your own testing?

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Nina for sharing the file! It's just one quiz slide so there wasn't anywhere to proceed after, but I did upload it to Review and tested it in Edge, IE11 and Chrome. All of those worked normally showing me the correct/incorrect layers as I tested. 

I did want to point out that you have the quiz question set to unlimited attempts, so a user will have to answer correctly or else they won't be able to leave that slide. Perhaps that's what the users meant about being stuck?

Jennifer Abney

We are having a similar issue. When a user attempts to answer a drag and drop question, the answer does not "click" into place and thus Articulate thinks the question isn't answered. Our compliance courses are set to Submit all at Once so when you click that button it rotates back to the first question because all questions must be answered before they can submit. I attached a SCORM 2004 course file.

Katie Riggio

Welcome, Jennifer! Really sorry you're seeing the answers not click into place in Edge, too.

Thanks for sharing the output with us! I uploaded it to SCORM Cloud here and tested it in Edge 42. I was able to drag each answer to the drop target in the HTML5 output – here's what I saw. Do you experience the same/different behavior when going through my link?

I also saw that my teammate, Ryan, was assisting you with this, but it looks like his emails may not be coming through. Let me know if you're unable to find his last email dated 3/6/2018 3:37 PM – I'd be happy to look into what's causing this!

In the meantime, can you share this course's updated .quiz file with him here, so we can take a closer look? We'll be standing by!