Quizmaker and changing the Likert Scale

Sep 04, 2012

HELP!! I am creating a survey and I need to change the Likert Scale.  It change the scale but when I go to view the slide only the 1st and 4th scale name appears.  Where are my middle ones??

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Alexis, and welcome! On a Likert scale question, if you use text labels instead of numbers, only the first and last ones will appear on the slide (the labels for the middle columns, however, will appear in a tooltip if learners hover their mouse over the columns). You could certainly use Slide View to create your own labels with textboxes on the slide if you prefer. You'd probably want to turn off the visibility of the built-in text scale (by opening the timeline below your slide, and clicking the eye icon) so that it doesn't get in the way of any textboxes you create on your own. Attached is a sample.

In the meantime, feature requests are welcome!

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