Quizmaker Branching - Review overall flow??

Feb 16, 2012

I am wondering if it is possible to review overall quiz branching in a quiz, rather than going into each slide. Something similar to the Slide Properties window in Presenter. Maybe someone has developed a nifty macro or something that could accomplish the same thing?? This would save me a ton of review time and could quite possibly win you some type of award. Ok, maybe not that, but it would be really handy...

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Wendy Garrison

Thanks for the tip Peter. I will check out the thread. I am looking for this more to actually verify that the branching is set up correctly, rather than planning it out. I am surprised that I don't see more requests or questions about it actually. How are people verifying this? One by one? Or maybe I make things too complicated to begin with - lol -- that wouldn't surprise me either.

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