Quizmaker Embedded in Presenter

Nov 09, 2011

Presenter 09 with embedded Quizmaker with answer feedback presented both visually and narrated with only a "Finish" button on the feedback display.

Is it possibly to prevent the student from clicking the Finish button before the feedback audio completes ?

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Annie Jean

Just a quick idea... I don't think that you can prevent them from clicking on it but if the button is not showing for a while it prevents them from knowing it is there.

Since the "Finish" button is not an object on which you have control in the slide view mode, what i would personnaly do is to place an image (same as background) over the button for a certain amount of time (maybe the lenght of the audio) using the timeline.

Hoping this will help you or give you some ideas...!

Bill Finnerty


Clever thought.

However, since there are multiple embedded quizzes and the students likely

reasonably smart, I would think they would learn quickly learn where the button is

located whenever a quiz pops up. At the same time, an overlaid image might keep

one from clicking through the image to the covered button.

I'll give it a try and see what I can get to work well.

Thanks ... Bill

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