Quizmaker Post Quiz Review!


I'm currently working on a final assessment for my course. I'm trying to get the review to show up once the user passes the quiz and selects review quiz (on the results slide page.)

I originally thought that if I'd delete the correct feedback layer and change the incorrect feedback layer and name it review that it would work for me. I later realized that I don't have the option for "more" in the post review quiz section when looking at form view. Take a look at the two examples I attached. Example one is what I'm trying to do. Example 2 is what I'm seeing. I've attached the project as well. Any help would be much appreciated!!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maia,

Thanks for sharing the example of your file here. To get that review layer enabled and to work like the other layers you need to enable it from the results slide properties and then it'll function using the built in behavior. Since you've modified your own custom review layer it doesn't have that set up and when I tried to add it, I think the customizations you've made are interfering with it. 

Since you set up your own review using the Incorrect layer - are you able to add the feedback or additional information using that "more" button?