Quizmaker "Print Results"

Mar 12, 2014

I am looking for a way to view which questions the learners got right and wrong in Quizmaker.  If you publish a Quizmaker and allow it to print results and then upload it to the LMS, will it still print the Quizmaker results report?  or will it have to be configured to work with the LMS?

I understand that Articulate Online has this capability; however, I am trying to find a way to work with the resources I have.



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Sara Cardiel

That is my problem. My LMS is Skillsoft and currently they only show me the percentage the person scored.  I want the question level report.  My thought was that this could be a work around, meaning that my LMS would track the percentage and I can still get the details that I want.  Is the Print Results button only to be used in stand alone cases in which the course is not uploaded to the LMS?


Sara Cardiel

Thanks Leslie!  It did work.  This is a good work around that may satisfy my client's request to have a question-level report of how the learner did on the quiz. 

The trick is making sure that the user prints the results (can also print to PDF--to have electronic backup).  One thing I did is edit the results slide so that the "print results" button has been changed to say "complete" so the user will naturally select this to continue with the course.

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