Quizmaker Randomizing Questions

I am having a major problem with Quizmaker.  I have created a quiz that have the questions appear in a very specific order.  After publishing the course, approximately every third time I run through the quiz it shuffles one of the questions.  It is not always the same question either. 

My quiz consists of 8 hot spot questions.   I tried creating a new question group for each question, but I get the same glitch.  This is a bug that I need a fix for. 

Thanks in advance.

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Joe Countryman

Hi Peter,

I just put all the questions into one group, randomized the group, then locked the questions into place.  I still get the same issue.  My course is actually three seperate quizes, each being a series of hot-spot questions.  When published, any one of the quizes can act up.

In my latest attempt, For example, I go through questions 1, 2, and 3.  After hitting submit on question 3, I could quickly see question 4 pop up, then fade away without pressing anything.  Question 5 comes up, then 6, 7, 8, 9, and then 4 at the end.