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In the pass result slide, there is a setting to provide an e-mail ID to e-mail the results of the quiz..

Till date i have only worked on the quiz files, never had an opportunity to understand the reporting part.

So will the designated e-mail id get the passing score of the learner to his/her inbox directly?

I notice that there is a button as " e-mail results" when the learner completes the quiz. What happends when the learner clicks that, provided the there is an e-mail ID provided in the quiz setting pass slide?

Your responses would be of great help.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sri!

Allow user to email results to: Check this box to allow a user to email the results of the quiz to an email address that you specify in the email field.

More than just the score is sent:

The emailed results from Quizmaker quizzes are provided in raw text format in the body of an email. You can read more about that here.