Quizmaker Results or Reports Locally without LMS

Feb 26, 2024

I am interested in using Quizmaker in our training program without having to go through the LMS.  I am a Trainer of a small program, not an LMS Admin so it would be easier to just get the results directly..  
I know it is possible to allow Trainees to "Print Results" after they complete a Test/Quiz when publishing a web version.  This report would be fine.

I have seen several posts about this but most were 10 years old and it seems that the Online functionality has been removed.

Is it possible, using 360, to have Quizmaker results automatically emailed to a specific address? or automatically saved as a PDF?

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Zach,

Happy to help!

The "Print Results" button can be added to your Quizmaker course's Result Slide to give your learners the option to print their results after taking the quiz. Here's how: 

Alternatively, if you're open to importing your Quizmake 360 quiz into Storyline 360, you'll have the option of integrating "Send Email" and "Print slide" triggers so you can control when your learners will get to send emails, as well as which exact slides to print. 

As for automatically saving as a PDF, saving to PDF will be one of the options available when you attempt to do a print.