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Dec 02, 2011


I've developed a course where I've used the quizmaker software in an unconventional way where I don't want the scoring page to appear at the end.  The course is mostly made up using blank slides.  When the learner is done with the course, I would prefer that the last page that shows their score not appear at all since they are not being graded.  Any suggestions?

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Elizabeth!

From the ever-creative Jeanette Brooks (http://www.articulate.com/forums/articulate-quizmaker/20745-removing-results-screen.html):

"To disable the result slide from appearing at the end of a quiz, you can open your quiz in Quizmaker and click the Pass Result button on the toolbar, then unmark the box that says "Display passing result slide." Do the same thing for Fail Result. (If you're building a survey, the button will be called Survey Result instead.) 

If the feedback you're seeing is actually a pop-up that appears after each individual quiz slide, then you can disable that by opening the question in Quizmaker and on the toolbar find the Feedback dropdown. Change that to "None." (Or, if your slide is a blank slide rather than a question slide, just remove any text in the Feedback area at the bottom of the question editor.)

I hope that helps! Incidentally, since it sounds like you want your quiz to not look "quizzy," you might also be interested in this screencast, which shows how to remove scoring info, etc from the quiz player."

That what you had in mind? Good luck!

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