Quizmaker - Shape fill colours not changing

Hi there,

I'm experiencing an unusual problem within Quizmaker 13 -  I'm working with a file that was created last year and I now need to make tweaks to the object colours (shape fill). For some reason, the shape fill colours are not updating upon selecting a new fill colour.

As shown in the attached file (screenshot 1), the shape fill colour selected is red, however this does not reflect the shape on screen.

However, when I drag the shape around the screen (See screenshot 2), the shape fill colour changes to red, but on mouse release, it reverts back to blue - the original colour.

Has anybody encountered this before or know what could be causing this?

Many thanks

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Harpreet -- Thanks so much for reaching out here and sorry to hear of your troubles! That does sound like a peculiar issue, and may I ask if you can confirm that you are working locally as described here? And have you had a chance to run through some of the troubleshooting steps listed here to see if you find improvement?