Quizmaker template -- retake quiz is not working

Apr 18, 2014

I created a quiztemplate (in Quizmaker, save as template).  It contains one blank slide and the results (success and failure) slides set as I need them to be. 

Then I start a new course using a PowerPoint template.  I perform these steps:

1.    Click blue Quizmaker Quiz icon on Articulate ribbon.

2.    Click Create New…

3.    Type quiz title; click OK.

4.    Click Import Questions;

5.  Select quiztemplate file; click Open.   

6.    Click check box for the one slide.

7.     Click Import and replace Result slide check box; click OK.

Everything looks good, but the Retake Quiz button does not work.  I have it set to Unlimited attempts, that shows in the Failure Options, but when I click Retake Quiz button, the score changes to zero and sits there.

I read that a blank slide can cause issues so I removed that and put in a test question slide and did the same steps but it still didn't work.

What am I missing?

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Larena Jackson

Sorry Leslie, that does not help as I removed the blank slide and still have the issue--Retake Quiz button not starting quiz again.

Issue: When I fail the quiz and click Retry Quiz button, it does not restart quiz.  Set to unlimited attempts. 

This only happens if I used a quiz template.  If I start a new quiz each time and set the Results settings each time it works.  I want to use a quiz template to save time--set the results screen once (failure and success) by using the template to be efficient and consistent.

Larena Jackson

Hi Leslie,

With some more exploring, I can follow steps above to import and replace results slide, then I uncheck Allow user to retry quiz to remove Retry Quiz button, then check the Allow user to retry quiz check box  to make button reappear.  This button works.  So unchecking and rechecking seems to reset the button that was imported.

This might be working as designed/programmed.  Since the template doesn't have quiz questions, maybe the system doesn't know where to go to retry quiz.

Though I'm happy I can create quiz templates (without questions) as I'm not the only one creating courses on our team and we want a consistent look and experience for our learners and templates help us do that. 

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