Quizmaker vs Storyline

Aug 16, 2017

Hi all,

I'm basically using Storyline to create all my quizzes, and from my research found that there is no difference between Quizmaker and Storyline. I'm just wondering if there are there any instances where Quizmaker would be better to use?

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Alyssa Gomez

You're right, Jessica! Storyline and Quizmaker have the same question options, so it really boils down to how you plan to use the quiz.

  • If you plan to include the quiz in a Presenter presentation, I would use Quizmaker.
  • If you plan to include the quiz in a Storyline course, I would use Storyline.
  • If the quiz will stand alone, I would use either one!

I'm interested to see what the community has to add here!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Jessica!

Glad to hear that you are enjoying building your quizzes in Storyline.

I think it comes down to user preference and what kind of course you are building. Quizmaker 360 works well in the Studio 360 suite allowing you to turn your PowerPoint into e-learning.

I will say that one thing Quizmaker 360 has is the ability to organize slides into question groups.

I'll leave this to the community to share experiences and best-practice use cases, but this is a great discussion topic Jessica. So many ways to do so many things :)

Ali Goulet

Hey Erin!

You can still use Question Banks in Storyline 3 and Storyline 360. Here's how for each version:

The difference is that in Storyline 3 and Storyline 360, the Question Bank option is now housed under the Slides tab rather than the Home tab.

Hope that's helpful! Let me know if you have questions. 😊

learningsolutions@fitchlearning.com Learning

Hi all,

  • Quizmaker 360 allows for grouping of questions via question groups.
  • Storyline 360 allows for grouping of questions via question banks.

What are the relative advantages of using each?

The intention is that we want to be able to re-group and re-use questions on many diffrerent Rise courses - these will be delivered via SCORM 1.2 packages.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Janak,

That's a great question! First, can you tell me more about how you intend to use these Storyline or Quizmaker questions in a Rise course?

Here are a couple things to keep in mind:

  • Storyline quiz questions can be directly embedded in Rise using a Storyline block. Quizmaker quiz questions will have to be first imported into Storyline, then they can be embedded using the same method. In other words, using Quizmaker will add one more step to your process.
  • You can track Rise course completion with a Storyline block, but Storyline quiz score data will not be sent to your LMS. 
learningsolutions@fitchlearning.com Learning

Hi Alyssa,

Thank you for your insightful reply - that is very good to know!

Do you know what plans there are to get Storyline quiz score sent across to the LMS? This feels like a massive gap.


We would like to manage question banks outside of Rise so that we can re-use it for multiple projects - although, it does not currently seem possible.

Perhaps there is another approach that I should consider with Articulate.

Crystal Horn

Hey Janak!  Storyline courses can be published for LMS and hosted independently from Rise, and they'll send quiz score along with other data to the LMS directly.  We haven't made plans to pull quiz data from Storyline into Rise at this point.

Question banks give your assessments a lot of flexibility, so I understand the desire to incorporate them where you can!  You'll want to publish your course (or at least the quiz portion) directly from Storyline to take full advantage of Storyline's quizzing features.

Something else to consider:  If you build your quiz lessons natively in Rise, you have the ability to copy your lessons to different courses.  Would it be useful for you to build a "master quiz" course in Rise, and use that to copy individual quiz lessons into multiple other courses?

Just some thoughts to help you make the most of Articulate 360!

Libby Doran

I am considering this Crystal, this thread is SO helpful! If I were to copy lessons from a 'master quiz' course into other modules, would they have to be manually updated if there was a change to the 'master quiz'? i.e. the lesson would have to be re-copied? Is there a way to list all courses that have a particular lesson copied in?

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