Randomization Causes Only 3 Slides to Show

I see this problem appearing in the forum but I haven't seen a solution. My quiz starts with a choice of test and each test is a separate group. The branching goes to the first question of each test, which is locked. Each group is set to Randomize 10 questions, but only three display for the first test and 5 for the second. Points are set to 10 points. Any ideas for a fix?

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Helen Tyson


If you have multiple groups of questions but the user only runs through one of them does that mean the last question in each group branches to end the quiz?  If so, try locking this to the end of the group so it doesn't appear too soon within the randomisation and end the quiz early.


Connie Malamed

Thanks for responding, Helen. There is a blank slide at the start and the user clicks the appropriate branch from there. Then the first question is locked to the top of the group, which makes the branching seem to work. Unlocking that question doesn't seem to affect the number of questions displayed.

Helen Tyson

It's not about the lock on the first question, but about how you prevent the user seeing all the question groups, not just the one they selected from the starting slide, particularly if the group they select is first in the quiz structure. 

I'm just guessing but I'd do this by branching the last question in the group to end the quiz. If so, you need to lock this to the bottom of the group so it isn't introduced early by the randomisation.

Connie Malamed

Hmmm. That's an interesting idea. It's hard to see the relationship between randomization and branching. Randomization always works when I don't use branching.

Finally figured out the problem. A question part-way through had branching to the Results slide (or to Finish the quiz). You're suggestion to lock the bottom helped me to remember this. Thanks.