Removing "Advanced" button at the end of a word quiz

Oct 02, 2012

hi everyone,

I have a word quiz and somehow there is an advance button at the end doing nothing.

Anyone knows how to remove that button?


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Peter Anderson

Hi EL-Mare,

The Advance button cannot be removed, as it was designed to be part of a larger course, so if the Word Quiz is the last slide in your course (or the only thing in your course), you may want to consider either removing the results slide or inserting your own slide after the Word Quiz so that the Advance button has somewhere to go. Your final slide could say something like, "You're done! Thanks for taking the course."

Hope that's helpful...

Peter Anderson

Hi EL-Mare

I hate being the guy to tell you things you probably don't want to hear, but unfortunately, the look, color, and feel of Learning Games aren't customizable

Out of curiosity, what kind of course are you putting together? Is it something you might be able to build with one of our other products? If you can tell us a little more about what you're envisioning, the community may be able to throw together some cool ideas to give you more control in terms of personalization. 

EL-Mare Rothmann

That's a bit sad, but never mind something to take into consideration going forward.

We brake the course up into different pages/slides and publish them individually, then link them to a different platform which is part of our LMS and then everything comes together and make 1 great course. As such I would like to customise the learning programme to form part of the look and feel of all the other slides that form the course in the end.

we have just started using Storyline but are very new to it as well.

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