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Sep 13, 2016

Is it possible to reset a QuizMaker quiz question without using a results slide? When my learners visit the quiz question the first time, there is a SUBMIT button. When they visit the same question a second time, there is a NEXT and PREV button and their latest answer is still displayed. 

I'll spare you the complexities of the interaction as to why they would visit the same question a second time (can't be a duplicate, must be the same) and why I'm not using a results slide.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Keith!

Have you considered the Submit All player feature?

  • Submit all at once: Choose this option to let learners wait to submit their answers until they’re completely finished with the quiz. They can move back and forth among the questions, and they can even change their answers at any time until they submit them at the end of the quiz. Quizmaker won’t display feedback after questions, since choices aren't evaluated till they're submitted. This approach works well if you don’t need to show question-specific feedback or use branching. It's also a good option if you don’t want the learner to know how they did on the quiz until the end.

If you choose Submit all at once, you can also let learners submit their answers without finishing the quiz by marking the box to Allow user to finish without answering all questions.


Steve Blackwell

I have the same or a similar problem with Quizmaker (using with Studio).  I want a Quiz interaction within the course where there is an UNSCORED, UNRESULTED single drag-and-drop question, they can then carry on through the course to the SCORED, RESULTED quiz of x number of questions.

When they get the single drag-and-drop question wrong, I want them to be able to revisit it, if they want to, leaving the slide, returning to it and it has reset to start from scratch.  In the same way, in addition, if someone partially completes this single drag-and-drop and doesn't submit, leaves the slide and then returns, I would want it to reset.

Are either of these scenarios at all possible with Quizmaker and Studio?  Thanks,  I would be happy to upload files if it helps you understand what I need.

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