Restart Section When a User Incorrectly Answers Quiz Question

Mar 26, 2019

Hello Heros,

I'm trying to set up a Storyline so that when a user incorrectly answers a quiz question three times, the Storyline automatically goes back to the start of the section. if this isn't possible, is there a way to have the Storyline automatically restart from the beginning?

I'm using a variety of quiz types: Drag and Drop, Multiple Choice and Pick Many. Each were made using quiz samples from the Content Library.


Thank you,

Nell Smith

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Nell. Yes, you can set this up! Set your question attempts to 4 or higher, and create a number variable to track those attempts. On the Try Again layer, add a trigger to adjust the variable each time learners land there, and add another trigger to jump back to the slide to review if the variable reaches a certain value.

Check out this short demo, and feel free to download the attached sample file!

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