Results from Survey Questions - How do I get user answers?

Jun 29, 2011

I am new to the software, but I have been everywhere trying to find out how I can pull the results from end users answers to survey questions. We are getting feedback for the course and we need the results to analyze what people answered after completeing in our LMS.

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Brian Batt

Hi Kristen and welcome to Heroes,

The following article will show you which data is being sent to your LMS from Quizmaker quizzes: 

Please note that it is up to your LMS to determine how to process and display the data that is being sent to it.  Bear in mind that some LMS's may not be able to process the data the way that you are looking for.

Also, please be aware that SCORM 2004 provides more robust data for tracking and reporting than SCORM 1.2 or AICC.  If your LMS supports SCORM 2004, you may want to consider publishing your Articulate content for SCORM 2004 to see if this provides the tracking and reporting you desire from your LMS.  To learn more about SCORM, see:

Kristen Wilson

Brian -

Thanks! I will check with our LMS developer to see the options we have. Out of curiosity, we put a survey at the end of our course and have it set to "Completed/Incomplete" but when I test it after publishing, it never updates to show "Complete" after taking the course. My first version gave a complete, then I tested again (minus completing the survey or passing the word quiz) and it gave an incomplete. Now, I have added the survey and completed all pages, completed the survey, passed the word quiz and it still show Incomplete.

Any thoughts?

Kristen Wilson

@Brian - it was set to track the survey quiz (which is confusing because there is no passing score required), but at least it was pointing to a quiz. I just set it to track the number of slides and re-published. Waiting for it to update on our LMS for me to test again. What should I do to get it to update when I have it set to Completed/Incomplete?

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