Display the answers of an un-graded quiz slide?

Feb 24, 2014

Hello, this question is in regards to Survey quiz questions and displaying those answers on a result slide. Can anyone here explain to me how to get the answers from an ungraded survey-style quiz slide to display on a results slide? All I can manage to do on a result slide is display a percentage of "correct" answers. This doesn't work on Survey quiz slides.

thanks in advance!

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Jason Brown

I'm on Storyline release 5.

I read through the Quizmaker '13 tutorial and I am familiar with all of those functions. But what I didn't see was the ability to display all of the answers submitted on a series of survey slides. These are questions which don't have right answers.

Is there a way to just display the answers, rather than a 'score' since these survey slides don't have a correct answer?

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