No quiz review

Hi.  I want learner to be able to review their answers. At the end of all 4 Quizzes in my course, the only option given is Finish or Retry Quiz. (Some are Multiple Choice, others are Word Bank.) One Survey in the course does allow Review.  I have the Pass settings set to:
-Display passing result slide

-Allow user to review quiz

-Show correct/incorrect when reviewing

I have no branching set on the last question. I've tried everything I know to fix this, such as turning off/on Pass settings, resaving quiz, saving and closing PPT (2007).

Ideas? Thanks! -Jill

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Diane Yamashiro

Hi Jill: If you change the settings in your Player Template to "Quiz - Submit all at once" and then click on the "Apply to Project" button, they will get the option to "return to quiz" to review their answers before submitting for scoring. If you do this, though, then they will not see the individual feedback statements.

Jill Freeman

Hi, Brian. I republished to my Desktop after clearing my cache, and had the same issue. I have determined the specific situation in which the problem occurs.

  1. If I get all questions correct on the first try, I get the Review Quiz option as I should.
  2. If I get questions wrong on the first try (receiving the Incorrect Feedback dialogue) and then get it correct on the second try, I get the Review Quiz option.
  3. If I get questions wrong on the first try (receiving the Incorrect Feedback dialogue) and then simply click the Try Again button, then Submit without changing my incorrect answer, it bypasses the Review Quiz option. In this case, it allows only Finish and Retry Quiz. (screen shot attached)

I used this method to go through the course quickly during quality checks. I assume this is a bug, as a learner could perform the same actions as #3 above. Shouldn't they still get an option to review their answers? I will submit a case for your review. Thanks, Brian.