Language Branched - user must pass quiz - cannot navigate?

Nov 06, 2014

Intro slide asks user to pick English or Spanish. After reading through content, user must take quiz. I have both quiz settings for each module setup where user must pass quiz to continue, per request of my customer. When user clicks for Spanish version on header slide, it won't go allow it because the Spanish slides are beyond the English quiz.

We want to keep settings that allow users to complete the course only if they pass the quiz.

Ideas on how to remedy?

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Jason Ayran

Leslie, is it possible to get rid of the "Finish" button if they don't pass the test? I think I mis-represented our issue - it's the fact that they can fail the quiz, and we want them to click "Retry" the quiz. But there's also a "Finish" button too, which loops them back to the quiz, but they cannot change answers.

So basically, if they fail the quiz, we want them to have to re-take it until they pass. If the pass, then they can go on and finish the module. Does that make sense?



Jason Ayran

So I think we are closer, Leslie. I took your advice and deleted the Retry option for the Success scenario. Now, they have to pass the Spanish quiz which is right. But given this configuration, people can fail the English quiz and continue onto the conclusion slide via the Finish button. Any other ideas? If I change the "User may view slides after quiz" option to "after passing quiz," for the English quiz, then they can't navigate the Spanish slides per the branch on page 2 because it's thinking they have to pass the English quiz before moving on.

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