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Hi - I feel like I'm missing something basic, but how do I set up a quiz to allow the learner to retake it?  Shouldn't there be a button on the Results screen that says "Retake Quiz"?  I just see the Review and Finish buttons.

It's a simple quiz:

5 questions

1 attempt on each question

Unlimited attempts  in quiz properties (I assumed that would allow learners to retake it)

Feedback on each question

100% needed to pass the quiz

Thanks for your help. 

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Brian Batt

Hi Mary,

A quiz cannot be retried unless the quiz is published to a presentation. You can enable the Retry Quiz button by using the method below:

1, Go to Player Templates > Edit > Navigation > Resume.

2. Check Prompt to resume on quiz restart.

3. Save the player template, and close the Player Template Manager.

4. Click Save and Return to Presenter.

5. On the slide placeholder for the quiz, click the Properties button.

6. Change User may attempt quiz: to unlimited.

7. Click the Close button.

8. Republish your presentation.

If you don't like the look and feel of the Articulate presentation around the quiz, you can remove it by using the method in the link below:

M. J. Banks

I'm sorry, may have confused the issue by renaming the text label for "Retry Quiz" to "Retake Quiz" - hopefully that didn't cause a problem.  But I'm not following you about going to Player Template Manager and the Edit>Navigation>Resume.  I'm working with the trial version of Articulate Studio 2013.  I've found the Presenter Player>Properties>Resume>On Restart:>Prompt to resume  and that is how it is set up.  Also "Player may attempt the quiz unlimited is also checked."

Leslie McKerchie

Hi M.J.! 

This is an old thread and it looks like you are using our newest product as well.

Can you please tell me what issue you are having with your presentation?

Do you have a results slide in your presentation? This will be required to re-take a quiz.

Check out this article (and it's supporting links) for more information.

M. J. Banks

I have a graded results slide for both the failure and success options.  The success does not have the retry/retake quiz checked, but the failure option has retake quiz with unlimited attempts and the button is clearly visible, but it does not do anything except at times, strangely enough, it zeros out the person's score.  I have even published these to our LMS to see if it was only behaving this way in the review mode of Articulate and got the same result.  So, do you want me to send the file?  Hopefully it is not too big.  This is a big deal and we are trying to figure all this out before out already ordered, full version of Articulate 13 Studio arrives any day.

TopDog Learning Group, LLC

Has there been any response to this one? I'm having the same issue, and I've been going back and forth with Karla in Support on this and not understanding the response. Here's my scenario:

  • 3 quizzes in one Presenter file
  • Quiz #1:  basic T/F (using HotSpot) and multiple choice. I selected having a RESULTS page with GRADED as the type. I have "Allow User to retry quiz" set and it's UNLIMITED. They Player does NOT ask for "RESUME." GOAL:  I'd like the learner to be able to revisit this quiz as many times as they want, with a "new experience" each time. 
  • Quizzes #2 and #3 are actually 1-question quizzes (they are part of a business scenario: slide-slide-slide for the story, then a quiz pops up saying, "what should the manager do next?" ... then more story and Quiz #2. Here it's just one multiple choice question per quiz: the learner is forced (through the selection of "UNLIMITED" attempts for the question) to get it right (with extensive feedback for each response choice). In QM '09 this worked perfectly.  GOAL:  similar to above, I'd like the learner to be able to revisit this quiz as many times as they want, with a "new experience" each time, or said another way the quiz "resets" itself after the attempt. 

PROBLEM:  with QM '13, when a learner leaves this quiz section of the training and goes back into any of the 3 quizzes after taking them once, the answers are already selected and they cannot change them! I'm not sure if this is a '13 thing, a bug, or what. Karla has told me "If you need to reset the quiz, enabling the "Allow user to retry quiz" in Quizmaker is a must and the user will need to click the "Retry Quiz" button from the quiz slide."  To select this choice you HAVE to have a RESULTS screen ... and frankly that's silly for a one-question quiz where they're forced to get it 100% (and it destroys the flow of my story). WHAT AM I MISSING HERE?? 

Thanks for the help ...

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Steve!

I would encourage you to continue working with support on your issue, but I can provide you with the pinpointed issue and workaround that was provided to M. J. in her case:

Her specific scenario was occurring because:
1. You have a quiz with a Blank Slide and is the first slide.
2. You unchecked the "Show in quiz review" option for the blank slide.

This is actually an issue that our QA/Dev team have been made aware of, and in the meantime, the issue was resolved by: Removing the blank slide from the quiz and creating a slide in Presenter.

TopDog Learning Group, LLC

Thanks, Leslie ... sadly my situation is a "feature decision" for '13. Per Karla as of this AM:

MY QUESTION:  (1)  Is this (requirement to have a RESULTS page to reset a quiz) new to QuizMaker '13, and different from functionality in '09?

Articulate Support:  Yes, this is by design in Studio 13.

MY QUESTION:  (2)  Why must the quiz be reset if I have it listed as UNLIMITED number of attempts? (Additional point: isn't it intuitive toe suggest that if a learner can do the quiz UNLIMITED times then any single time they enter the quiz it should be reset?)

Articulate Support:  If you don't set it to unlimited number of attempts it will not allow you to retake the quiz at all. 

MY QUESTION:  (3)  Even if I turn on "allow user to retry quiz" can I bypass the "RESULTS" screen? It really doesn't make sense for a one-question quiz like I have.

Articulate Support:  You cannot bypass the Results screen, it's where the Retry button is.
No work-around, no suggestion on how to accomplish my goals using the new software.
In short: I guess you are REQUIRED to have the "SHOW RESULTS SLIDE" in order for learners to (hopefully) select the "RETRY QUIZ" to reset the quiz. I find this "feature" COMPLETELY TERRIBLE; as '09 simply let you select the button "Reset Quiz?" and voila! when the learner returned to the quiz the answers weren't already left over from last time; it was a new learning experience.
I think y'all have severely limited the creative use of QuizMaker and this -- in conjunction to the two other "feature" changes (especially having the forward button in Engage take you to next interaction versus next slide) have really really cast doubt in my recommending '13 to my clients.
Leslie McKerchie

Hi Steve!

I just wanted to share a bit of additional information with you:

In previous versions of Articulate Presenter, the resume behavior was partly controlled by the Presenter player and partly controlled by embedded quizzes and interactions.

With the new unified player in Articulate Studio '13, the Presenter player controls resume behavior for the entire course, including embedded content. See this article for details.

TopDog Learning Group, LLC

Thank you, Leslie. Disappointing news but good articles. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wished Support would have sent me these earlier this week ... would have saved me a heap of time.

My work-around for the one-question quizzes to avoid the requiring a "SHOW RESULTS" slide is to just create a whole bunch of hyperlinked slides for each of the four choices, the feedback, and all branch to the appropriate place in my story. This is a pain and yet another work around I've had to devise with the features changes in '13 but I guess it will work if I'm not needing reporting for responses.

Gail Gubser

I hope to get some support on a quiz in Storyline.  I was pleased to have some guidance yesterday but i am still having problems.  I have spent way way too much time trying to get it right.  Ok... when the user passes I am good.  When the user fails it does not allow them to redo the quiz (with the redo quiz box checked).  The failure takes me back to the first6 quiz slide but then to the last slide... the next button is checked. What am i missing?  Please help.. i have 5 modules to get out today.  Thank you very much.    Signed frustrated

Gail Gubser

HI Leslie!!!  Thank you for responding.  Yea!  :-)So it is working for you?  Humm..  Ok when I go through the test and fail it goes to the results slide.

  1. Says "you did not pass"
  2. I click previous and it takes me back to the first slide in the quiz for me to retake ...once past the first slide ..  it goes to the end.. I am not seeing submit   
Gail Gubser

Thanks Dear

Ohhhh!  I think it is because there there is a small time delay in the slide transition. whew....  When I get to the "You did not pass" slide and see previous it is where I go back and should wait for the next slide.  I think if i remove the previous button people will not make the same mistake.  Make sense?  :-)