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Melanie Sobie

Hi Uma,

There are many differnt ways to set up the quiz properties. Take a look at these tutorials on quizmaker properties. Look on the right side of the page for the links to the tutorials on the options available - I beleive there are 3 or 4 tutorials.


Hope this helps!


Uma Raj

Hi Melanie,

Thanks for that tutorials. But nothing works in my case.

When I attch the quiz in the presenter if i have just the quiz slide it works perfectly.

If i have some introduction slide and congratualtion slide and quiz slide in between two slide it's not working.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Antoine Sample

You've probably already nailed this, but I did what you are suggesting by creating scenes for each section of questions. Using an introductory slide and results slide for each section. On the results slide you can set up a passing score, and use the passing score variable in your test logic as a condition for going to the next slide or in this case the next scene.

You would embed the logic in the slide trigger (next button) as a condition where the passing score variable must be greater than a specified value to continue.