Revert back to Quizmaker 09

Is there any way to revert back to Quizmaker 09?

I am having some major issues with Quizmaker 13 that are making it impossible to meet my requirements for a series of quizzes.  I already have open cases with Articulate and my issues are being investigated.  I was even going to try importing the quiz into Storyline to meet my needs, but this isn't supported with Quizmaker 13.  I am very frustrated after spending so many hours developing a set of 15 quizzes with response specific feedback that I can't properly use what I want. 

Is reverting back possible?  Thank you for your help!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Rita,

I'm so sorry to hear about the trouble you've had with '13! Yes, it is possible to revert back to Studio '09.

First, you'll want to uninstall Studio '13:

Articulate Support - How to Uninstall Articulate Studio '13

Then, you'll want to download, install and activate Studio '09.

You can download the latest version of Articulate Studio '09 here:

You can learn how to activate your Studio '09 programs here:

Presenter '09:

Quizmaker '09:

Engage '09:

Video Encoder '09:

Also, any files that you created with '09 and upgraded to Studio '13 will have a backup file. These you can open with Studio '09, but not any files that have been modified or created with Studio '13.

Rita Apt

Thank you for the information, Christine.

I am frustrated because I have already put in a great amount of time to build the response specific feedback quizzes in Quizmaker '13, so it looks like since they were originally built in '13 that I would have to start from scratch to build them in Quizmaker '09.

 Do you have any estimation on time or average amount of time it takes for issues to be resolved?  If I had one of my issues resolved in '13, which is the issue of not being able to change the text within the "Finish" button, then I could use my quizzes I have already built.  This is a major issue for me because when my users click the "Finish" button the browser does not close and it restarts the users over again.  It has to do with my LMS, but that cannot be fixed.  An easy solution is to have the users close the quiz by closing their browsers.  This appropriately records scores in our LMS.  The issue I have is that when there are several thousand users taking 15 separate quizzes, often the users will not read the directions that tell them to close their browsers.  They click the "Finish" button, and then I have to manually do the work of updating scores.  This is not an issue with a small population, but when we're looking at 15,000+ scores, it's a major concern.

If you have any other ideas of suggestions, I'm all ears!  I spent over a week developing this quiz series and would really hate to start from scratch in Quizmaker '09. 

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rita,

I totally understand and I apologize for the frustration.

From what I'm seeing, the issues you reported were sent to our QA team for investigation. I wish I could give an estimate for a fix, but I'm afraid that's not possible. The issues are being tested, and there's no way for me to know when that will be complete. However, with bugs like this, we generally provide the fixes in free updates for our customers. I would definitely recommend double-checking to ensure you're subscribed to this post. 

Also, if you haven't already, follow us on our social pages. Whenever we release a free update, we'll make an announcement on these pages:

Again, I totally understand - it's difficult to get that many users to all follow directions. But then again, I imagine it's extremely difficult to maintain the scoring for those 15k users as well. While I know it will take extra work, it would probably be best to use '09 just to ensure that the functionality is there for the learners.

Of course there is one - probably a little less appealing, but possibly helpful - option. You could make a new slide and insert it into your existing presentation. Make it something that nobody can misunderstand - red text works well :) State that learners need to be sure to use a specific option (closing the browser window, etc.) when they finish the course. Obviously, this won't catch every single one of your learners, but this may cut down on the extra work you have to do with scoring and that would eliminate the need to completely rework the courses in '09. 

Again, I know that's not the most elegant option - but it might help.

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning, Rita!

Right - you'll need to use the serial for Studio '09/Quizmaker '09 to activate that version. They aren't tied together. 

If you don't have access to that email anymore, I would recommend contacting our Customer Care team. Just explain the situation and I'm sure they'll be happy to help. You can reach them directly via email at, or you can give them a call at 800-861-4880.

I hope that helps!