score of quiz not shown correctly when the questions is more than 10 (Studio 13)

Nov 02, 2015


I encounter this problem. I recently published a module with learning contents and 2 final quizzes using Articulate studio 13.

 Learning contents and 2 quizzes:

There is 1 quiz which I want to track with 100% passing score, I set this in Articulate but my LMS (SABA) (using scorm 2004) could not receive the score. It shows unevaluated with a score of 0.

 Quiz only:

When I tried creating a sample quiz with 2 simple questions, it was successful with a score of 100. When I tried just testing the quiz I wanted to track above(more than 10 questions), it becomes unevaluated and score 0 again.

 I have test to set below 10 Questions it working fine and able to get the results to display accurately but if I set more than 10 Questions, I have problem getting the correct result in LMS.

 Anyone have any idea how to solve this?

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