SCORM 2004 vs SCORM 1.2 - data field (Reports)

Apr 14, 2016


Is there a reason why we can only access certain data fields in SCORM 2004, while in SCORM 1.2 these fields do not exist?

I am specifically looking at the cmi.interaction.desription field, which is the question field.

I can pull this field from a quiz published in SCORM 2004, but this field is missing in the same quiz published as SCORM 1.2.

It seems kind of bizarre that in a SCORM 1.2 quiz, I can pull question responses, if user got that question wrong, the time spent on the question, the sequence of the question etc, but I cannot get the actually question??

We have created and published the exact same quizzes from STORYLINE and STUDIO Quizkmaker '13 in SCORM 2004 and SCORM 1.2.

We have tested in Saba LMS and on SCORM Cloud and all have the same results.

  •  I have yet to test with an Adobe Product and or another LMS Authoring tool, but that will be the next step.


Any thoughts and or help with this?



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