Sequence Drag and Drop Sizing

Feb 03, 2011

Am I able to change the size of my text or the text boxes in a sequence drag and drop question?

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Jeanette Brooks

Corey did you just want to change the width of the answer choices? You can do that by switching to slide view of the question editor - but they all change together (i.e., it's not possible to make each answer choice a different size). The text is automatically sized to fit, so that the containers for the answer choices all stay the same size.

Barbara Kay


My question is similar but about matching drag and drop.

I can't seem to find a way to change the size of the boxes on the left (which all contain only one or two words) to allow more room for the matching answer boxes on the right (which all contain two or three lines of text).  The display therefore looks very uneven as I can't find a way, if there is one, to have all the text the same size.

Is the answer that this isn't  an option at the moment or am I missing something?

Thanks ...

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Barbara,

The matching drag and drop questions don't provide a lot of customizability when it comes to resizing. You can resize the whole set of drag/drop pairs, but you can't resize one side without resizing the other. 

But here's a workaround I've used in the past when I've had a really short word or phrase on the left and longer text on the right:  If you switch to Slide View of the question editor, you can resize (widen) the entire set of drag/drop pairs until the right-hand side is the width you want. The left-hand side can extend off of the slide, and it's okay if the terms aren't on the visible part of the slide... you can add your own textboxes for the terms, and position them on top of the left-hand puzzle pieces. (Or, another approach would be to right-justify the answer choice text, but that would result in the matching pieces being right-justified too, and you might not want that.) 

To make the puzzle pieces on the left look a little nicer, I also drew a rectangle over the left edge, and used a fill color to match my slide background, so it wouldn't be quite as obvious that the boxes were actually extending past the left border of the slide.

Maybe this would be a workable solution for you too.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Bridget!

Yeah, those are some pretty long statements to work with. You might be better off splitting this question out into four multiple-choice questions (one for each scenario) - that way the learner doesn't have so much to digest on one slide. If you don't have the flexibility to do that, another idea is to maybe redo the question as a Sequence Dropdown, which would give you a little more space to work with - you'd just need to add your own textboxes next to the selector, like I've done in the screenshot below. Also, with this approach you wouldn't be able to shuffle the dropdown choices (not sure if you mind that or not).

In any case, I've attached the quiz file in case that's helpful to you.

Sue Ascher


I'm having the opposite problem of text size. The answers in the right hand boxes are all coming up in different size fonts even though the number of words in the answer are approx. the same. I cannot change this in slide view, when I try to change the font size, only the words on the right change. There is a large discrepancy between sizes, some of the boxes are so tiny as to be unreadable.

What can I do?


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Jeanette,

I can see how this all works in QuizMaker, but how to do something similar in Storyline? I tried the above in Storyline, to change the color of the number, and it didn't work. Perhaps I missed something (I got it to work fine in Studio)

FYI, another community member and I had been trying to resolve other Storyline drag/drop format issues here:

Here was a question: Now I want to change the color of the sequence drag and drop shapes to match my course.

Just checked, and so far no one has jumped in with a yea (it can be done and here's how) or nay (nope, don't waste your time, but you can put in for a feature request). Can you help?

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