Set FAIL score to 0, not actual score

Jul 31, 2012

My quiz have two results, either 100% or 0%. I want my quiz to send a 0% to the LMS instead of the actual score, because anything less than 100% is a fail, and thus 0%.

How?  (something tells me this is very simple)

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David Lozinsky

Thanks for the response. I am a consultant doing this for a client and have not had direct access to the clients LMS. I have to sending files to the client and he is uploading them and testing them. This is every developers dream, a non-technical person between me and the LMS. But, since I posted this question, I have found a solution.

Basically, I did a DEBUG on the course in the SCORM CLOUD and found the functions that were sending the score to the LMS. Then I altered the articulate generated js file with code to adjust the score in this certain situation. It seems to have worked.

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