Setting focus to text entry box on entry

Aug 30, 2011

I have a quiz that has over 100 text entry questions. The student has to type a number based on what is indicated on a series of dials. They answer the first question and hit the enter key. If they get it right, it takes them to the next questions. If they get it wrong, it takes them to the results screen telling them that they failed. They have to correctly answer all 100 to move on.

This is very repetative but I want to make it as easy as possible for the student to navigate through the quiz. When they enter each question, they have to click on the text entry field and type their question. I would like to have the text entry field highlighted when they enter each question so all they have to do is type the numbers and hit enter.

Is there any what to do this?

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Jonathan Bacon

This appears to be the same behavior in Storyline. The focus is NOT automatically set on the fill-in-the-blank text field when each slide is displayed. Am I missing something or is this behavior the same for Storyline (in 2013) as it was in Quizmaker (in 2011)?

Also, in the text entry box, the backspace key doesn't work, so students taking a quiz must drag and select the letter(s) to delete and then press the Delete key, rather than just pressing Backspace. These two behaviors, when combined, make the Storyline fill-in-the-blank Quiz type question very frustrating (especially when used by 1st graders)!!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jonathan!

If you haven't already, you may want to take a look at the discussion thread below:

Setting focus to text entry box in Storyline

For the issue you're seeing with the "Backspace" key - are you running the course from CD, by any chance? I do remember seeing this issue and I believe this is something we're currently working on. If you're not running from CD, can you tell me how the course is being published and distributed? 


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