Sharing Quizmaker Player Templates and colours

Dec 21, 2012


I'm trying to work out how to share a Quizmaker player template and colour scheme I've created with another user but am strugglking to find wherethe files are saved. 

Every search I've done on here and the main Articulate site shows me where the Presenter Player template is but doesn't give any information about Quizmaker. I've already shared the Presenter and Engage xmls but Quizmaker has stumped me.

Can anyone help?



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David Anderson

Hi Helen-

The easiest way to share your Quizmaker designs is to save your quiz as a .quiztemplate file.  Here's a good page that describes the ways to manage your Quizmaker templates. And a good article w/Screenr on Creating Quizzes from Design Templates and an

Because you're interested in sharing design themes, you'll probably customize the quiz's slide master to bake in some design elements. You can also download some Quizmaker templates to see how they questions and design styles are retained.

I hope that helps!

Helen Tyson

Hi Dave

That will help for new projects, however I'd also like to know where the xml files are located so we can go back and apply the new colours schemes and templates to previously created quizzes.

Also, if you are launching Quizmaker from within PowerPoint via the Articulate ribbon can you prompt it to pickup the template?



David Anderson

Hi Helen and Doug -

Depending on the version of Windows you're running, you'll find your templates in one of these locations:

C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\Articulate\Shared\1.0\Player Templates\SmoothFrame
C:\ Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Articulate\Shared \1.0\Player Templates\SmoothFrame

If you don't see the AppData folders, you can use this article to learn how to view the hidden directory.

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