Import a Player Template from Presenter into Quizmaker

Jun 27, 2011


is it possible to import a player template I created specifically for my client from presenter to Quizmaker?

I would like to avoid all work in finding out colors...



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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Silvia,

What specifically do you want to re-use in Quizmaker? The visual design of your slides? If so, there are a couple options you might want to consider. You could...

  • Add a screenshot of your PowerPoint slide to Quizmaker:¬† The slides stage in Quizmaker is 686x424, which is slightly different than the slide stage in PowerPoint (720x540). One approach you could take is to create a screenshot of your PowerPoint slide design and then crop it to fit your Quizmaker slides. You can use that image on a slide master in Quizmaker, or if you only want to use it on a single Quizmaker slide, you can just insert it into Slide View.
  • Recreate your slide design in Quizmaker: A lot of the slide elements you currently have in PowerPoint may be easy to just copy/paste (or re-insert) into Quizmaker's Slide View. So it's possible to just recreate a similar look on your quiz slides, using the same elements as you used in PowerPoint.
  • Use a transparent quiz player template: This can be a nice approach if you want to keep your quiz slides fairly simple and clutter-free, but still make the quiz look like it belongs in the course. The entire player area surrounding the quiz slide can be made transparent, so that your PowerPoint slide master shows through. Here's a tutorial that shows how to do this.

I hope that helps! But if you had something different in mind, don't hesitate to say so & we can help you out.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Brian! Presenter '09 and Quizmaker '09 don't share the same color schemes, so it's not really possible to create just one scheme and then apply it to both. So probably the easiest thing would be to note the color values for the dominant colors you use for the player in one product (Presenter or Quizmaker) and then use those same color values when assigning colors in the other product.

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