Short answer question - switch off keyboard shortcut?

Aug 03, 2012

Hi, I have a short answer question. When the box is typed into and 'enter' is pressed on the keyboard instead of allowing more text to be typed in, the feedback comes up.

I've tried switching off keyboard shortcuts in the player template and publishing but it still happens.

Any suggestions?



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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Susan! If you anticipate that learners will wanter to use their Enter key to input more than a line of text, you can use the Essay question type instead (and you can use Slide View to make it look a lot like a Short Answer question - the only real difference is, learners can enter more text and if they hit their Enter key, they'll move to the next line on the data entry field instead of jumping right to the feedback popup). Here's a quick look: 

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Susan and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! The free trial is fully functional just like the regular licensed version. Can you say a little bit more about the issue you're experiencing? What happened when you published? Did you get an error when publishing? If you were able to complete the publish process, can you describe how you attempted to launch the course for viewing?

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