Slowness with SUBMIT button in Quizmaker '13

Apr 09, 2014


I am experiencing an odd 'slowness' with the question submit button in an exam published using Quizmaker '13.  In order to move on to the next question, I have to click the Submit button 3-4 times before it registers.  This happens in both the 'review' function within quizmaker AND the published version on our lms.

Has anyone else come across this issue, and know what the cause/solution was?  I just published another exam last week, and did not experience this issue.

Thank you!


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Lindsey Hooper

I was able to isolate the slowness to a Player Setting, under the Question List, Options: Navigation Restriction.

When "LOCKED" was selected, the submit button was very slow.  As soon as I changed the option to "Free" or "Restricted", that cleared up the slowness in all of my test files.

This may be something the developers need to look into, for now, we will publish without that setting. 


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