Transfer Likert Scale Quiz onto a Chart. :)

Hello!  I hope you all can help me.  I am a US Army Reserves Chaplain and I have developed a Spiritual Fitness Course for the US Army.  As a part of the course I have developed a likert scale quiz of 22 questions that I would like to sum the total and then transfer that score onto a "Spiritual Fitness" matrix.  

So 22 questions meaning there is a total of 110 points.  The higher the score the "better spiritually fit" one may be.  Anyway....we are leveraging research performed on several thousand SMs.  

Question: How can I get my results slide to show "where they are on the matrix" It would be on the X Matrix.  I have attached the Matrix for you.  The "Y" axis is named "stressers" and doesn't have a score sense people react to different stressers differently....."what may be a minor stresser to one person may not be for someone else."  I just want the results slide to show where the person is on the X axis on a 110 point scale.

I hope this made sense.

Thanks for your help!



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Christine Hounsham

Hi Scott, Maybe this resilence example I did previously might help.  I laid out my results into four categories (but only listed them).  Whilst design wise it is different, you can see how I grouped scores (100 possible answers) into the four categories and then used triggers and states to highlight their resilience, together with their score on a results slide. 

Hope this provides some clues.  Good luck.  

Regards Christine