transfering design elements from a multiple choice to a another

Dec 13, 2011

I have spent some time this morning building a great multiple choice question slide using school busses to drive in the questions.  I like it.  I wonder if anyone has figured out an easy way to apply all those features, transitions etc, to another type of question without having to totally rebuild.

I will attach teh template files later for everyone look at if htey would like.

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Ari Avivi

Thanks to both of you.  Dianne, ironcially about five minutes after I posted that I did in fact discover the soluation you described.   I have attached the template for your enjoyment

there are a few limitations such as the answers have to be very short, but that just means a bit more care in crafting the question.

Thanks to whomever posted the idea of a feedback slide and using branching to get to them after the correct answer.

Hope you all enjoy.


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