Unexpected Button Hover Text Color

Apr 15, 2011

Hi - I customized my Quiz template (edited the color scheme) so that the labels on the Submit button and Question Number Panel button use red text for static state and dark blue as the hover color. This works fine, except that the buttons that appear at the end of the quiz (Finish, Retry Quiz) use red text for the static state and WHITE for the hover color. I have no idea where it is picking up this white hover color. I tried playing around with different color options, but can't change it. I assumed these buttons would use the same text colors as the Submit and Question Panel buttons. Any ideas???? Thanks!

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Brian Batt

Hi Jennifer,

I just tested this on my machine and all of the buttons maintained the same color scheme.  In my color scheme, I changed Text > Hover and Buttons > Background.  Are those the items that you changed?  

If you're still having issues, please submit a support case so that we can take a closer look at the issue.


Jennifer Bircher

Thanks, Brian. My menu options are different from what you listed. In my color scheme (accessed from the , when I select Text from the "Choose an item to edit" I see the following options:

Text 1 (red - which is the text color for all buttons)

Text 2 (white - which is the text color for my heading)

Hover (dark blue - which is the text color of hovered buttons - except for the Finish and Retry buttons - they are white.)

If I select Buttons from the first menu, the only options are Background, Border, and Inner Border, which don't affect the text.

Hope that helps!

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