Updated functionality to evenly weight graded Questions in Quizmaker

Nov 30, 2018

Discussions go back as far as 2012 about weighted scoring in Quizmaker. I've been using Articulate for about 5yrs, and love it. That said, I've also watched at least two major enterprises abandon the use of Quizmaker for the use of tailored grading apps built into custom LMS. These moves happened for one specific reason - because of the inability/function to assign a mixed number (decimal) score to graded event (question) in Quizmaker. 

 For the purpose of this discussion, I would like to propose (or ask for) the following functionality.

Under quiz settings, could there be a default setting of 100 as the overarching score, and the program will automatically adjust the value evenly based on the total number of questions.  For designers that need more flexibility for "weighting" questions, perhaps a toggle of some sort that reads "Enable custom scoring" could be turned on by checking a box. 

With all the functionality and innovation already included in Articulate products, I'm optimistic that Articulate programmers will be able to add this functionality by way of a software update.


Best regards, Quentin Dickey
Curriculum Developer/Instructional Designer (MSgt, USMC Ret.)


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