User may view slides after quiz - properties changing on publish


I've noticed recently that when I publish courses with a Quiz embedded, that the property selected for "User may view slides after quiz" changes. The courses have a final assessment at the end, with one final slide after the assessment. I set the quiz properties so that the learner can view the slides after the quiz "After passing quiz". Then I publish to LMS (to my hard drive). When I launch the course from the hard drive (or from the LMS), I'm allowed to skip the assessment and see the slide afterwards, without attempting or passing the quiz. When I go back to the presentation and view the properties, the selection has changed to allow user to view slides after the quiz "At any time". This has happened multiple times on multiple courses - and on two different PCs. In the past, I was able to change the property, republish and it works OK.

Now I have a course that I have published multiple times and each time, this occurs (the setting reverts back to "At any time"). I've tried publishing to a different folder on my desktop. Any suggestions???

I looked at a published course that I'd done in the past and it looks like if I open the presentation.xml file and change the <advancemode> to "AfterPassed", maybe that would fix it manually? I'd like to find a shortcut because the course I have is requiring the learner to view each slide before advancing (and no using the seekbar), so testing it each time I publish the 30 minute course is very time consuming!



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