User must click button to earn "complete"

Oct 06, 2011

I need to assign value to a button for a policy update eLearning that I'm creating. The button will say something like, "I acknowledge that I have received these policies." This goal is that they can't complete the assignment without clicking the acknowledgement button on a certain slide.

I only see one way to do this. I created a hotspot quiz question and inserted a button with my text. I put the hotspot area over this button. The user gets a score for selecting the button and gets the assignment marked complete. This does the job, but I don't like how this type of quiz works. The user must click the button and then click submit. When the user clicks the button the selection animation is a spinning glowing wheel. This is an unfortunate animation because it looks like the computer it thinking. I think it is confusing to our employees.

Does anyone know a better way to do this? In Captivate I could award points to a user for clicking a transparent click-box area. Is there something like this in Articulate?

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