Using previously created Feedback Master Theme in new Quiz

Sep 26, 2014

Quizmaker '13 Question: (Really trying to move from '09 so working hard to make sure '13 will work for us)

Spent considerable time making new Feedback Master/Layers so that we could see the correct answers in our Incorrect Dialog/Layer for each Question. I saved off this .atml file for use in a different quiz.

So Opened up the new Presentation and went to the Quiz slide, Click Edit in Quizmaker and this different quiz opens up. Took note of the tiny answers as shown:

and then went to View->Feedback Masters->Themes->Browse for Themes which bring this screen:

to go get my previously saved theme. After a flicker, nothing happens! I'd expect to see this new master inserted with the layers I saved in the other Quiz.

I also tried duplicating the Clean Feedback Slide master and layers, and then selecting the themes thinking that maybe that would reset the themes, but that also did not work.

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Jeff Schlaybach

OK - well that sorta worked, but not really that well. Here's some new issues that using a '13 Quizmaker Template generates:

After saving off the Quiz template (.quiztemplate file) I expected to be able to use this in another quiz by opening it up, doing an import of this template, and having the template features like Player, results slide, feedback master, etc. applied to the existing Quiz and all questions. Not!

Instead, what I had to do per the tutorial was open up the template (which creates a new quiz with the results and player and feedback layers included) and then in Quizmaker '13 use the "Import Questions" button to open up the quiz file that I wanted to update in the first place using the new template. OK - one could live with that if that were the only extra step.

However, the quiz I wanted to update and that I used as the source to import from, had 5 Groups, and although I used the 'Select All' to check off each question in each group, when the import was complete I had the questions but only ONE Group!

Q1: So - how to import questions AND Groups? Rebuilding this is a very time consuming task. for larger quizzes/tests.

Even worse, although the Master Feedback Slide Master and Correct/Incorrect etc. Layouts are available with the template, the feedback layouts were not applied to any of the questions.

Q2: So - is there a way to select all questions and apply the correct/incorrect feedback layouts in one shot. At the moment, it appears I must do this for ever question/slide and all feedback.

Finally, when the template is opened I found that there were now TWO Clean Slide Masters each with their own set of layouts, along with the custom one I created. Perhaps I needed to delete the Clean Master before doing the save of the original quiz when building my template.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jeff!

Did you follow the instructions as shown in this tutorial?

I do believe that's how the question groups will work, as you are essentially overwriting the groups if you choose to import them all at once. You could import one group at a time.

The tutorial that I shared above shows how to utilize the template to pull the questions and feedback.

Jeff Schlaybach

OK - so I guess after looking at this tutorial I'll need to ask for another feature request as it does not address the issue of importing groups, only questions from all of the groups. Seems to me that when importing questions with multiple groups, the Articulate importer should be smart enough to include the groups from the source quiz!

Bear in mind that the only reason I went down this 'path' of having to import Questions was that I could not find a way to apply a Quizmaker template to an existing Quiz. Per the first tutorial, I had to start with a new Quiz built from the template I saved off, and then using this new quiz, add the questions from the quiz I really wanted to upgrade using the template.

So bottom line......if there was a way to apply a template to an exiting quiz, no question or groups would ever need to be copied in a case like this.

Still would appreciate your help with Question #2 and #3 (not labeled) above when you have a moment.

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